MSN Memories

I remember BEGGING my mum to let me have MSN. Everyone had it and I wanted it so badly. She was convinced that I would end up talking to random strangers from foreign lands (and don’t worry Mum, no 30-year-old Turkish men ever randomly got hold of my e-mail address…) but eventually after persuading her, and assuring her that my best friend’s mum had said she could have it, I got MSN and I loved life.

For hours I would talk to my friends that I had left at school five minutes ago, swap jazzy emoticons and construct the perfect Piczo site. Then for some reason, I just stopped using it. I don’t remember when or why; I just stopped. But recently I saw a Facebook argument and it made me think of MSN arguments and all of the other good times MSN gave us.

Just to recap, because let’s face facts no one has used MSN for at least 6 years, here is some MSN terminology:

What are you up to?

Be right back aka. I’m still here but I don’t want to talk to you anymore (only works when you aren’t on webcam, learnt that the hard way…)

“Put me in your PM”
Put my name in your Personal Message so everyone can see we are BFF/ separate school allegiances/possessive

“Put me in your DP”
Put me in your display picture. My name isn’t enough, everyone must see my face.

“Who u luvin”
I fancy you and this is my sly, pre-pubescent way of putting a feeler out about whether I have any sort of chance. Or, I fancy your mate and haven’t got the balls to message them.
The PM…

Constructing the perfect PM in such limited characters is what has made us a generation of perfect Tweeters. We have been training for this our whole tween lives.

The point of a personal message was basically to:

  1. Show the importance of the people in your life via order of names and emoticons.
  2. Put the names of new friends, aka people you had spoken to once, from other schools to show you run in wider social circles.
  3. Display deep song lyrics or meaningful quotes to convey your mood to all of your contacts in hope of a wave of responses only to reply “I don’t want to talk about it”.

Or alternatively putting on the “What I’m listening to” to show your cool taste in music and forgetting you’re listening to AvAnT i WaNa Be and now look like a mega creep.

The mentioning of someone with a heart in your name was essentially the sending of a relationship request on Facebook. If you put someone in your msn name with a heart you were going all in. Married. 4 lyf.

The DP…

I used to have the BIGGEST collection of icons from my Piczo obsession. A variety of film quotes, sassy quotes, inspirational quotes, “blonde girls are sxc” quotes, all ready to correspond with my deep 13 year old problems.

Alternatively, the original selfies taken by a grainy webcam or digital camera with half of your fringe covering your face with one eye glaring in a ‘sultry’ fashion into the webcam did the trick if words weren’t doing it for you.

Photos with friends were also used, but only ones where your friends looked like mongs whilst you were super modelling it at the front so the person you fancied wouldn’t ask for your friends ‘addy’.

The situations…

Blocking and unblocking a contact to get their attention. By doing this you popped up in the right hand corner of the screen appearing as if you had just come online. Obviously you wouldn’t have been on MSN for two hours already waiting for them to come online.  Or worse, they too had been online for ages and hadn’t spoken to you. So rude.

Printing out an MSN argument you had had with someone to show everyone at school the next day. Clearly w-a-y before the days of screen shots.

The one prick who would add ALL of their contacts into one giant conversation and then left.

The random person that added you, and for some reason you accepted, and then would ask you to go on webcam but they didn’t have one. Block.

The creepy person that would always talk to you. You would give them the BRB but they would send a NUDGE (the world’s most irritating invention) to shake the wholescreen or that giant hand that knocked on the screen. Come on people. Not cool.

Asking people to send you their best emoticons so that you could have the biggest, flashiest LOL sign ever.

Spending a good five/ten minutes copy and pasting the fancy letters from people’s msn names into your own. The ones that looked like shorter, fatter lord of the rings style text and had some of the letters back to front. So cool.

Or wRiTiNg A wHoLe NaMe LiKe ThIs only to discover that the I is capital, not little, so it looks crap and having to redo it until you’re happy.

Having such a normal name (aka. Hannah Cooper – there is thousands of us) that you have to create the longest, craziest e-mail address that you now look back on and DIE with embarrassment.

Oh MSN, such good times we had together.


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