Today I was held hostage by a mouse

You know in the cartoon Tom and Jerry, there is a random pair of legs that appear every so often screaming “THOMAS” and waving a broom around as Jerry runs riot around the house? That was my real life situation. I was the legs with a broom screaming at my cat to catch the mouse that’s set up survival camp under the fridge.

I hate mice. And rats. And wet squirrels. Anything with a thin wormy tail makes me die inside. So you can imagine how much I was loving life when there was a mouse in the house.

The cat had been sat in front of the fridge for a long time. I’d gone out, come back and she was still there. Emailed my mum to say the cat was being weird, went upstairs, came down and she was still there.

So there was nothing left to do but face my fear and defeat the mouse!

So I rung Muma Coops.

After telling me she wasn’t coming home and I would have to deal with it myself. Crap. So whilst my mum was on the phone I slowly pulled out the fridge as I balanced on two chairs.

Then the screaming began as I saw a furry behind and a wormy tail wriggle back under the fridge. So on advice from the Madre, I fetched the broom to sweep it out. Obviously the broom did not fit under the fridge, the screaming continued and Mum promptly arrived home to set me free from my chair prison.

Needless to say, 10 minutes later Mum had captured the mouse and set it free in the field and peace was restored in the Cooper Household.

Mum doesn’t like mice, rats or wet squirrels either so really how we were going to deal with the situation was anyone’s guess. But alas she out her fears aside, yanked the fridge out and then left the floor as I screamed (again) ‘THE MOUSE’ because I had seem the demon’s face pop out from under the fridge inches from her foot.

The cat leisurely strolled over as the tail flicked out from under the fridge and did nothing. Useless. Absolutely useless.

X amount of time later the mouse darted out. Cue more screaming from me, more jumping from mum and the cat running out in to the garden with a tail hanging from her mouth.

Unfortunately children, that is the way of the food chain.

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