Today I experienced delays…

So the plan is to ramble and type until some sort of genius approaches me. I’ve done this before when I have had writers block and usually something happens.

Today will not be that day at the rate it is going.

I got up at the crack of dawn because George was going to work and I was going to uni so the nice 6.30 start was only made more pleasant by the howling wind and torrential rain.

So because of all the horrific weather warnings I checked for train delays. They said there were a few delays but everything was still running.

Less than 30 minutes later all trains had been cancelled and I had missed my first lecture. The trains continued to be cancelled and thus I also missed the accompanying seminar.

Panic had started to descend as I had an exam at 1pm. I was contemplating buses, driving (although realistically I would never drive in central London, I can barely cross the road as a pedestrian, let alone try and drive among these mad people) anything to get me in for the exam.

So we (we being my parents and I because despite the fact that I am 20 my mum and dad still know best) decided that going to the station and waiting was the best option.

I wanted to cry when at 9.45 the next train to Euston was 11.25. Other trains kept appearing on the departures board and then being taken off again so I decided to just go and wait on the platform. Then, a ray of light beamed down on Milton Keynes Central Station as a London Midland train approached AND I got a seat on the train.

Now just before we get to ahead of ourselves, let us remember that it is ME on this journey and therefore nothing can run smoothly.

Sat next to me is a guy who not only thinks he is entitled to half of my chair as well as his own but is also wearing damp, wet dog like smelling, fleecy jogging bottoms. As you can imagine I was loving life.

So I checked the usual, Instagram, Twitter, ASOS etc. and then come across a message that has been posted on my course wall on Facebook stating that the exam has in fact been postponed because of the weather.

Of course it has.

The best part is, is that rocking in to Uni at about 12, I had an hour to kill before my tutorial which lasted 2 hours and now I can’t even go home and bask in the shite-ness of my day whilst laying in the middle of the floor with my cat because I am going to a jewellery launch in Piccadilly at 7pm. So now, at 3.30 I have over 3 hours to kill before the event starts.

So nothing genius entered my brain but I am happy to have got that off of my chest. I am well and truly baffled that a predicted storm can cause so much chaos. Heaven forbid if we ever got the same amount of snow as Canada or hurricanes like America. I’m just hoping that after all of this I can get home otherwise I will probably just stand at the station and cry until someone takes pity on me and feeds me weatherspoons.

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