The Flat of Doom – The Vegetable Edition

So since the beginning of 2013 there has been a funny smell coming from the fridge. As a result my whole kitchen smells like cat food. Stale cat food.

Everyone that visits the flat gets the warning before they enter, they even attempt to find the source, but no matter what I do the smell will not go away. And no, the smell is not me.

However, in an attempt to find anything else to do but revise I decided I would clean up the random leaves that had appeared in my fridge.

Now, if you have read any of my previous blogs you will know that me and my flat mates do not see eye to eye on the definition of clean. We also do not talk, still, and we are never all in the kitchen at the same time. So because of this, I presumed that the vegetables that were in the draws of the fridge were regularly being replaced with fresh ones.

You can see where this is going.

As I was cleaning, I thought “Why is there pancakes in the fridge?” and opened the draw containing ‘vegetables’ only to discover a furry green object. That furry green object used to be a pepper. Whether it was originally a green pepper is anyone’s guess.


So after nearly projectile vomiting into the fridge, I picked up the pancakes. But of course they were not pancakes, it was in fact a raw chicken that was best before the 18th of February. Finding this on the 27th of May was not pleasant.


I then proceeded to find what appeared to be a half decayed mouse but it turned out it was Garlic that expired on the 31st of December, Cream best before the end of January and various other half liquidised vegetables. Yummy.

So after vigorous cleaning the fridge with two different types of cleaner, the fridge [and the kitchen] suddenly smelt so much better. I was loving life.

And then today. TODAY. I went on my first day of my internship and came back to discover that the banana milkshake that was in the fridge last night had leaked everywhere, but the bottle was nowhere to be seen. This means that one of my lazy flat mates has removed the drink and not cleaned the spillage meaning I had to clean the fridge AGAIN.

I cannot wait to move into a house with clean people.

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