Make a change today…

I have had the worse writer’s block recently. It’s not that I haven’t had time – typical student life means I spend a large quantity of time doing nada particularly important – I just haven’t had anything to say.

When I go to write a blog I need to feel something for what I am writing about. Whether that is rage or… well it is mainly rage with a sprinkle of irritation, I still have to want to write what I write. Recently I just haven’t felt that rage. In my old age I must be becoming passive. Quarter life crisis alert.

That or I just think about the abuse I am about to type and therefore realise it is probably best to just leave it.
So as I am a good moaner (easy now pervert), a ranty blog about the thing that annoys me most in this world seems to have provided a nice outlet for me.

People say that change is always possible if enough people are willing, but no matter how many petitions are signed nothing will ever change this issue. It will never get better and this truly breaks my heart…

When people wear the wrong underwear for their outfit.

I know, I know. Take a second and compose yourself, it is a difficult subject.
When people wear the wrong bras with tops, it fills be with unexplainable rage. Well it isn’t unexplainable, it is because they are wearing the wrong bra with their chosen outfit, but it bugs me way more than it probably should in the grand scheme of things.

Females… males with breasts… when you get dressed in the morning and you pick your outfit, why on this Earth would it enter your brain that putting on a black bra was a good choice with your white top? Or that a neon pink lace bra with multi-coloured spots would not be visible through a white vest top that cost you £5 from H&M and is clearly as opaque as a pane of glass? It baffles me.

And yes, neon pink lace bras with multicoloured spots can be found in shops and people do exchange actual, real money for them with the full knowledge that that is the product they are purchasing.

My friends can’t even make eye contact with me when they do such awful things like wear a white bra with a black top so that the bra shines through like Iron Man’s heart which actually, despite being a light, shines less than a white bra would through his tops.

Apart from the mismatch of colour, it also upsets me when people wear strapless tops with a non strapless bra or if someone wears an open back top or dress with a bra. With all of the strapless bras, tit tape, nipple daisies and stick on bras available why on Earth are you not equipped to deal with wearing this top nicely. Apart from the fact that it looks HORRIFIC it also makes you look cheap. That’s right, I got nasty with it. Let this be a lesson to you all.

It isn’t just bras that get me stressed. When people wear tight clothes and you can see their knicker line through it I just want to rip their underwear off, and not in a good way. You can buy 3 seamless thongs in Primark for less than £5 so you have no excuse to have granny panty lines through your dress.

You have been told, do not buy/wear an item of clothing if you don’t have the adequate underwear to go with it or are not prepared to let your boobs run riot by wearing none at all.

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