A message to my younger self

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but I am having a complete melt down about turning 20 this year. I have fondly named it my ‘quarter life crisis’ and am not looking forward to leaving my teenage years behind.

As I approach real life adulthood, I say approach I feel I am more ‘being forced into’, I have looked back at my life so far and have several points to raise to my younger self.

Just for the record I am not 20 until the end of September, but never the less, 5 things I would tell my younger self…

When I was in year 10, back in 2008 *deep breathing*, I decided it would be a good idea to cut off my hair from bra strap length to shoulder length. That was fine, I could deal with that, but then the ‘hairdresser’ when asked to trim my hair, decided a bob was in order.
It was taken me from then until now to get my hair to the teeny bit bellow shoulder length it is now. Brilliant. So actually, when I keep saying to people (as I whinge about my hair alot) that it has taken 3 years to get to that length, I’m wrong it is 5. Even better.

#2 The pictures you used to like of yourself were horrific.
Everyone had a picture of themselves that they put on Piczo – someone get Grandma a zimmerframe – and asked their friends to put in on the ‘Whuz Fitta’ page *I’m dying inside* as an adequate representation of yourself. I am currently thinking about mine and I have two prominent ones that make me properly want to get into bed and never leave it.
Photo A: I am at my friend Chloe’s house and have taken a nice selfie in a pyjama top [just why.] that says ‘grump but gorgeous’ and had an inbuilt bra so made my mosquito bites look like, well, slightly bigger mosquito bites. and I have my head tilted to the side and a slight pout. I was evidently going for the grumpy but gorgeous look but surprise surprise, I doubt this was achieved.
Photo B: You know when you go shopping with your muma and she buys you loads of new stuff and you have enough to make a whole outfit so in your excitement you put it all on and wear it for the next week? This was one of those moments.
I had new skinny jeans, black furry boots [yes that is fake uggs] and a white vest top. I am wearing more makeup than I have ever worn since that point combined, my hair is dead straight and I am holding the camera up to the mirror whilst being sat there all pouty. I think to add insult to injury my bra is half hanging out the top. Fantastic Hannah. Really good work.

#3 You will be really glad you never got those grey nike trackies
For whatever reason, I really wanted a pair of grey nike tracksuit bottoms to wear in public. Not for sports, not for lounging but to wear as a legitimate outfit choice. What is your life when this happens? Oh yes, chav life. On the plus side, I never got them so I suppose there is a silver lining for my inner chav-craving cloud.

#4 Put down the hair crimpers
In order to write this I had a brief look back at some pictures of me as a miniature coop and there are too many photos where I have begged my mum to give me crimped hair. It is truly awful. For those of you who do not know what crimped hair is, it is a look similar so someone who has been electrocuted. Because I have always had really thick hair [on my head.] it literally shoots straight out from the side of my hair like the guy from the Weetos box.

#5 You will never be able to shake the grem you picked up when you first started school
Haha I make myself lol-to-death. My little Chlomo has been a faithful side kick since I was 4, which from September will be 16 years [holy shit], and what a good one she has been too. This year, my first year at uni, is the first time since that point that I have been in education without her and that seems crazy probably because I miss her like crazy [don’t worry she hasn’t died, she’s a skype away]. I have literally grown up with my little 5ft Chlodo Baggins as we have progressed from Barbies and Polly Pockets to WKD to Vodka and now here we are at Chlo 19 in May and me 20 in September. Once again I ask the question HOW HAVE I GOT TO THIS AGE?! Where have these Polly Pocket times gone?
love you chlo x

So yes, what insightful wisdom I would provide my younger self with.

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One thought on “A message to my younger self

  1. katlwales says:

    Just wait until your fast approaching 25, much more depressing 😦

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