My New Year’s Resolutions

Next year has big plans for me. Well, actually I have big plans for next year so it has no choice but to provide me with them. If not I will just make my own anyway so either way, next year will be good.

I don’t usually do New Years resolutions, I feel that if you want to change something in your life why don’t you just do it whenever, why do you need a specific day? But after recent events and some self-pity, I’ve taken a look at myself and decided no more. I don’t really suit wallowing in a sulky state so for me it is on to new things! So I’m going to state my new years resolutions here for everyone to see. I will achieve them all. Eventually. At some point. Maybe.

1. Turn this WordPress blog into an actual website
2. Finally be happy with my hair
3. Fix myself
4. Embrace all opportunities that I encounter
5. Write things more regularly
6. Run more

1. I don’t know if I have enough ramblings to fill a whole website, but it will be my baby and it will grow with time. I’ve been playing about with technology for as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to know more. My Dad was ninja training me in nouns, verbs and adjectives before I even started school so I was always destined for World domination. The days of Piczo were also pretty brilliant, all the HTML codes and pictures edited on paint with scribbled lines around the edges to hide horrific rubbing out skills, those days were much simpler. But since playing about on Dreamweaver at 9am on a Monday morning for uni, my Piczo flame has been reignited and I remembered how much I love building websites.

2. Anyone who has known me since I was about 15 will know how much I whinge about my hair. I am never content. My whole hair experience is traumatic. I will give you a brief timeline
– I asked the hairdresser butcher to cut it to my shoulders and she cut it to the top of my neck, leaving me practically bald.
– I then went to a different hairdresser blind Edward scissor hands and asked her to give me a sweepy fringe. She cut it in steps, the shortest bit being about a centimetre.
– So that all grew out, eventually, but because I bleached my hair blonde it has taken up until now to grow my hair so just below my shoulders. But now my hair is brown, which I’m ok with.
Just to highlight the extent of the trauma, my friends actually use the phrase “not Hannah short” when describing hair cuts. Brilliant.
So yes, it has taken 4 years but I’m finally ok with my hair, but next year I will not be ok I will ridiculously happy because it will grow nice and long. Eventually. At some point.Maybe.

3. As simple as it sounds really. Number 6 will also tie into it but I’m going to put me back together because I have a lot to be grateful for and nothing good comes from being broken.

This also includes being more vain e.g. spending more time on my appearance like my nails, my face etc.

4. I embraced my first opportunity recently and landed myself a nice spot as Social Media and PR manager at a new magazine. This is a bit of a bonus as it is the first time I’ve pushed the boat out and applied for something rather than just sitting around blogging and hoping someone would read it. I’m going to apply for everything and embark on lots of projects whilst still blogging and hoping someone reads it.

5. My blog has been so neglected and I really do love her so I’m going to allocate a blog day and give her TLC on that day. As I said in my last blog I’m also popping up on so you can find me there too.

6. I am forcing Rob to make his New Years resolution to be ‘ get Hannah fit’ so we will be going running more. Hopefully not just for a week, at least a month, so that I can actually manage a set of stairs without dying. Too much alcohol consumption (is that even a thing!?) so I need to sort my life out by going running. Also, be jealous as I go running (occasionally previously but soon to be weekly) by the Thames. Just a casual gloat there.

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