A night with Pervy McLetch

Everyday I am amazed baffled by the new levels of vile behaviour that people stumble to. Yesterday I had my first traumatic dating experience and to be honest it has put me off for a long time.

I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 and a half years in September and this was my second meeting with a French guy who is 24. The first time we met up I told him before we even met up that it was not happening [it being IT] and that I was going home alone. He accepted it but on the night he did attempt to get me to let him home with me. I laughed it off thinking he was just messing about but he carried on for about 10 minutes until I reinforced that it was not happening.

So yesterday we went out and he had about 3 glasses of glasses of wine and he started up again. I thought he was joking again – why am I so naive – but he went on and on and on. There is only so many ways you can say no nicely:
1. Haha stop it you.
2. You are funny.
3. Haha I’ve told you already.
4. I am going home to my flat and you are going home to your flat.
5. Or just flat out ignoring the comment.
Surely after being rejected that many times you would just leave it? No, just me? Well to be honest if I was a guy I wouldn’t be pushy at all but evidently that isn’t the case with some people.

He had polished off 5 glasses of wine and so we walked back to the tube station. To get home we initially had to get on the same line but the line split into two and he was one part and I the other. So when my train came, I went to say goodbye and then he got on the train with me.
Me: “This isn’t your train, you need to get off”
Pervy McLetch: “Yes, but I’m coming home with you”
Me: “You are really not. You need to get off at the next station and go back”
Pervy McLetch: “But why? I’m coming home with you”
Me: “No you aren’t Pervy McLetch. I’ve told you this”
Pervy McLetch: *grabbing my waist* “Yes I am”
Me: “You are not listening to me. YOU ARE NOT COMING BACK TO MY FLAT”
Random guy on the train: “I don’t think she wants you to go back with her” – obviously.
Pervy McLetch: “If I don’t come back with you tonight then I won’t call you again” – as the train reaches the station
Me: “That is fine”

So we both got off the train and I begun to panic as he knew what tube station I was going to. Like a ninja don, I lost him at the station frantically calling male friends to retrieve me from the station. So I got to my station and Chris came to retrieve a frantic me (Thanks Chris) and I have never felt so relieved in my life.

Is it just me that doesn’t expect this from a 24 year old? I wasn’t expecting – or wanting – a boyfriend, proposal or life partner just some fun but for me that doesn’t mean hopping into bed with him, he is a stranger for God’s sake. How do women go home with random people they have met in clubs for one night stands? Ahh, that’s right they prey on the drunk girls who don’t go through this logical thought process.

I am not being a drama queen or anything, I don’t think he was going to assault me or anything, but it is the most horrible feeling to know that you are losing control in a situation. My main worry is that he would follow me back to my flat and then know where I live. Thank God I’ve watched many films with crazy chase scenes and have absorbed the procedure like a sponge and now have ninja skills.

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One thought on “A night with Pervy McLetch

  1. salomelg says:

    Just found this article now. OMG I am so sorry that he was French. He must have lied about his age, that’s the behaviour of a 15 year-old virgin!

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