Random thoughts so far today

I am no longer on the iPad, I am back on my trusted laptop and it is currently 11.27. You will see that in comparison to the iPad catastrophe that I am much, much quicker on this bad boy. It is only morning time still but I have been up since 7.30 (I thought this was student living?!) and have been to my lovely Photoshop/Dreamweaver class so my brain is fully awake. Since returning from my stressful 1 and a half hour seminar/tutorial I have been filled with rage, cleaned and had a cheese and ham toasted baguette. Loving life.

So as the title suggests, here are my thoughts so far today.

#1 A thought that is constantly on my mind… WHY IS MY FLAT SO GRIM.
I went home at the weekend, again, and returned to my flat smelling of wee. It always smells like wee. It is disgusting. Because the ‘boy’ bathroom has a huge sliding door, whenever they use the bathroom the smell creeps down the hall way. The boy bathroom door is also closest to the front door which means that any visitors are whacked in the face by the smell of piss. Yu-mmy. So when I wake up in the morning, it smells like we. When I go to Uni and return, it smells like wee. When I have been gone from the flat for 3 days – and I am the only one who airs the place out / attacks it with air freshener – you can imagine how horrendous the flat smelt. To add a unique scent to the horrendous smell, the flat is also exceptionally warm. Warm piss, for those who don’t know, smells even worse than just normal wee.
I also took out the bins today. Last time I did the bins I coated the bottom of the bin in disinfectant because the smell made me gag. I genuinely thought I was going to vom everywhere, which to be quite honest would have probably improved the smell of the flat. I took the bin out today and decided I had had enough of the pieces of lettuce and pure crap lurking at the bottom of the bin so decided to give it a shower. I quite literally put the whole bin in the shower. It smells much better. I give in 2 days before it is grim again. Why do my flat mates insist on putting their food scraps on the lid of the bin? IT IS A SWING TOP! You simply push it back and then scrape, how difficult is this?! Evidently for some of the most academic people, very.
Just to clarify, I like Ze – my fellow female flat mate – she understands my pain. She does not leave the side dirty, she hoovers and takes out the rubbish too. We have mutual respect in our bathroom which is clean – and has two bath mats contributed by both of us so is practically carpeted – and she whinges with me about the kitchen. Liking 1 out of 3 isn’t bad.  Although I suppose I don’t have anything against G.P.J Jon, he just doesn’t do ANYTHING except throw rice everywhere.

As you can see that was a large thought. It really snowballs once I get going. Rage.

#2 I am going to be more healthy.
In comparison to my rant this one is very small. More of a musing really because let’s be honest I’m not giving up alcohol or chocolate anytime soon so let us move on.

#3 Things that I could potentially blog about.
I know it probably doesn’t seem like it but there is occasionally a thought process that goes into writing my blog. Sometimes my thoughts appear like word vomit or I will go off on tangents but even for geniuses such as myself, sometimes there is nothing to say. That was my issue with writing a blog initially, all I could think about whatever I wrote was “who wants to read this?! Who will actually read this?!” and the answer was obvious – the people I force to. I’m only joking. Sort of. The things I thought about writing about today:
– No more page 3 campaign > I am saving this one for when I have more time as I found a quote in one of the journalism books recently that made my blood boil! I have got an essay due for Friday (which naturally I haven’t started) so I’m saving it for when I have more time.
– Some sort of people judgement > My ‘X’ types of people who… has become rather stunted recently. I need inspiration you see. I think I might do the people at the spa as there are some characters there. Suggestions are welcome.
– An anecdote > not a lot happens to me really.
– A complaint > probably about London roads. Maybe next time.

Obviously I have had other thoughts but only things like “Student living means I can’t buy Cathedral City cheese *sob*” and “I wonder what I can have for dinner *defrost ready meal*” and “if I called a flat meeting would I get really mad” (the answer is yes) and “should I dye my hair brown?” (NO) and “I should really start my politics essay” but I won’t bore you with those.

It is 11.50, do you see the difference? Please don’t get mathematical say about the difference in length, work it out proportionally if you are one of those people. It is 11.51. I’ve also just spellchecked and as WordPress doesn’t like the words ‘bin’ ‘wee’ or ‘whinge’ it is 11.53

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