Crazy ramblings on iPad

Today/tonight I’m blogging from an iPad. That sentence took me 5 minutes to write so the whole blog is going to take an hour at least. (the time is currently 22.13)

I haven’t got anything particularly interesting, insightful or wise to say today so I think I will just ramble several of my thoughts throughout the day.

#1 I hate brothel creepers
A discussion with my friend Joely about my pet peeves (I will continue this later) led me to think of what shoes I really hate. Originally these were second to fake Uggs that when they have been worn for 2+ minutes fall inwards, but I’ve decided that actually these are the shoes I dislike most. Each to their own and everything but brothel creepers (those shoes with the rule width platform on them) remind me of shoes that scary goths wore. They look really heavy and make people walk funny. Outfits that brothel creepers go with will also go with Brogues and Brogues will look much better. Blergh. Vile.

#2 My number 1 clothing pet peeve in life
Anyone who knows me well can tell you that it drives me insane when girls where the complete wrong bras for their outfit. Both annoy me equally as much.
– the wrong colour > black bra, white top.
– a bra with straps for a strapless top.
If you haven’t got the right bra for the top, don’t wear a bra or don’t buy the top. The story that led to this thought was Joely saying she had seen a girl in a black lace top with a white bra with coloured spots on it. She actually went out in public like this?! What is wrong with some people. As I pointed out to Joely, the girl might as well have gone out naked or sporting a sign saying ‘I will bang, I’m a massive slut’. Some people. God.

#3 Why ask a question and not listen to the answer
RAGE. Don’t ask if you don’t want to know. Then because you didn’t listen ask again. Even bigger RAGE.

#4 What is it about me that is so intimidating?!
Again in discussion with Joely, was telling her I had been told I’m intimidating AGAIN. What is it about me?! I think it may be the following:
– I am a real eye contact person when I talk to people. Not starey, creepy way just in a polite way. I find it really annoying when people don’t look at me. Particularly if they are looking at my chest or somewhere else on my face. It makes me feel like I have food on my face. I probably do as I eat non-stop but please don’t stare!
– If I don’t like you or what you are saying I will make you feel ridiculously small if you offend me. That probably puts people off.
But other than that I can’t put my finger on it. I smile at people, I laugh at unfunny jokes and I’m only 5 foot 5 and a half. To be honest I think I’m pretty pleasant so perhaps some people just need to man up.

#5 Do I have weird tea?
I have my tea really strong, minimal milk with 5 sugars. The sugar is then obviously rated to the cup size and where I am. The sachets you get in cafes or stadiums are the equivalent to 1/2 a spoon so I probably use about 9, don’t want to be unhealthy.

#6 If I was on I’m a celebrity, would I be a whingey bitch?
Yes. Yes I would. Helen Flannigan would have nothing on me. I don’t think I’d cry or anything, just sulk. Sulk if it rained, sulk if we didn’t have food, sulk if I couldn’t have a warm shower. I would spend a large percentage of time sulking.

#7 I wonder who reads my blog regularly
Emily Megeary said that her flat mate Maddie Parish reads my blogs all the time, so as a test I am going to mention her to see if she does. Maddie if you read this tweet me so I know whether you are a dedicated reader. If you do I will visit and make you lol to death. When I look at where my blog is viewed there are regular American and Australian readers to, so if that is you THANKS 🙂
I would like to also like to say thanks to all the people, especially my friends, who regularly read my blog – I LOVE YOU ALL xx

It is now 23.08. I got progressively faster but am still sooooo slow. I wasn’t even distracted by anything, Match of the Day is on so I’m not exactly glued to the telly. It is now 23.10. In the process of writing this blog I have had a small hissy fit at the autocorrect and again at the fact that when I try to go back to #1 when I am writing #5, for example, I can’t do it because the whole screen moves, so there is probably several mistakes and the iPads lucky to have life still. It is 23.13.

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One thought on “Crazy ramblings on iPad

  1. salomelg says:

    I’m a regular reader and my name is not Maddie Parish.

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