How to live with random strangers nicely

Buy post it notes
My flat mates do not talk to me. I do not talk to them. We communicate via post it notes on communal doors and put a smiley face to seem friendly, despite the fact that we are not friendly to each other. Occasional small talk is made. ‘Occasional’ meaning awkward small talk about once a fortnight. The post it notes are never about going out together or having a flat meal, just whingy things like the hoovering rota (my note of course – has completely ignored, vile children.) and the dividing of the girls and boys bathroom. This is fine by me as one of the boys pisses all over the toilet seat and all down the side. Boys, if you can’t aim SIT DOWN. Blergh. But yes, post it notes avoid awkward conversations whilst getting the message across.

Establish rules from the very beginning
Don’t wait a month because it just makes things worse. If you don’t want to share your stuff just say no. I made this mistake and it has all ended badly. Being the nice person that I am (ha.) I allowed my flat mate who had nothing to share my stuff and he repaid me by not washing it up properly and when he did wash it up, he only used water. No washing up liquid. He did this for a whole month before I found out and went mental. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!? You wouldn’t shower without soap and presume you are clean – or perhaps people do and that is why people smell but anyway… – so whack out the fairy liquid and a brush and start scrubbin’! Back to rules. Just have a quick chat, establish boundaries and everything will be fine. The conversation in my flat has gone from occasional small talk to awkward silence. Bad times…

Be friendly from the beginning
And then if they annoy you be horrid. My first encounter with one of my roommates consisted of “Hi, I’m Hannah” “Hello” *shuts door* Brilliant. First and last ‘conversation’ we have had. I have been here for just over a month and since then he just leaves the room whenever I enter. Fun times in our flat.

Be considerate
Don’t watch loud porn in the middle of the night, bang your girlfriend/boyfriend or start cooking dinner at 2am; people are sleeping! If you really feel the need to do these things then whack some headphones out for the porn and just be quiet when making a ficking midnight snack or shagging.

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