What I have learnt about myself in my first month of Uni

I am the least domestic person ever.
I can’t cook anything past pasta. I can’t cope with washing my own stuff. I can’t cope with life. I can just about cope with hoovering. But even then it took me a while to work out that the reason the hoover wasn’t sucking anything up was because the tube wasn’t attached to the actual hoover. Brilliant. I knew I wasn’t great at the whole ‘domestic goddess’ thing, but I thought I would be better than this. Evidently not. Jeese Louise how I am going to survive for 4 years?! Pasta and Vitamin tablets it is then.

I can function at adequate levels on minimal sleep
I have practically become an owl as I cannot sleep at night when I am on my own unless I have had ridiculous amounts of alcohol. But does that count as sleeping or passing out? Yes, sleeping. That makes me feel better. But I can still, just about, get through the day which means everything is fine – I am just really ficking tired.

I shouldn’t drink Vodka.
Tequila = yes. Vodka = no.
It tastes vile and makes me feel vile the next but I drink it anyway? What is this?! I go to a good uni but cannot get my head around this. I think it is the feeling after the taste goes away, it is nice. I blame the people in the building; they have got me addicted to shots. But when you cannot remember whole sections of your night, you know you have had too much to drink. So I think I should stick to tequila from now on.

I love going out too much.
Dancing, drinking, meeting people, it is all THE BEST EVER. Ridiculously expensive in London but other than that it is amazing! Being tired and hung over is well worth a night of drinking and dancing. Unless the night was poo then it really isn’t.

I can eat a lot of the same food.
I can eat lots of pasta, cheese and Spaghetti Bolognese. For anyone that knows me at all, they will know that Spag Bol covered in half a block of cheese is my favourite meal of ALL TIME and I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life. If I did I would probably be ok, it contains Iron and Carbs so I would probably survive for quite a while. If you look at my domestic record this is probably going to be the case so hopefully I will survive.

I don’t like people very quickly.
Is that judgemental? I suppose so. But it is only the weird people that I don’t like very quickly, that is fair enough really isn’t it? Weird, rude, pervy, prickish, gropey. No one likes people like that so I am not the minority. I speak to these people first – that is how you establish which category they fit into – before I judge so I have read a bit of the book not just seen the cover. That makes me a decent person. Ish.

I am very reliant on my friends
*Warning about emotional paragraph*
I know how much I love my friends but I don’t think I realised how much I rely on them to talk to about everything and I miss seeing my best girls every single day. I know whenever I am upset about anything that I always have someone to turn to and that is something irreplaceable so never ever ever take your friends for granted. Some people could learn from this. But even my new friends are absolutely lovely and I know that they are always there too. Aren’t I the sweetest?
That is enough now. Pass me the sick bucket…

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