I’m not big enough to go to Uni

I’m 19 at the end of the month and I don’t know how this has come around so quickly!? I didn’t even realise how quickly it had come around until someone asked “how old are you?” and I said “I’ve just turned 18, I’m 19 in… a few weeks time… so I’m not just 18… I’m nearly 19… OH MY GOD I’M SO OLD”, cue a puzzled look and an abrupt end to the conversation. And to make matters worse, I’m going to be 20 next year!

I have had an easy life. Minimal responsibility; dinner always cooked my the mother; a double bed and a stupidly large wardrobe (although it is filled with clothes I have bought myself – I’m proud) and all of this is about to change at the price of £180.50 a week. I can’t cooked anything that isn’t from a tin or pasta so basically I’m going to starve to death OR become fat because I’ve only eaten carbs twice a day for 42 weeks.

Now, all of a sudden, my double bed is being ripped away and I have to stay and do everything by myself. When did I agree to this?! I have been going to University since I was about 4 and now after all these years it is a week away. ONE WEEK exactly until I leave and I am absolutely petrified. Only adults go to live by themselves. Only adults make sure that rent is paid and there is food in the cupboards.I am not an adult. I am big enough to drink, drive (not together – safety first people!) and go out but not to live alone.

There are a few potential incidents waiting to happen but I have it covered, I know how to deal with them:

Problem: I accidentally wash a coloured sock with all my whites
Solved: Cry OR call mum crying so she buys me new clothes

Problem: I get bored with eating pasta in tomato sauce with cheese.
Solved: Go to the all you can eat for £6 at the Chinese in Camden OR hope that I have room mates that previously worked in Nandos OR go to the chocolate covered fruit stand in Camden but only if I am feeling healthy.

Problem: I run out of money
Solved: Cry OR call mum and cry OR beg outside Euston station

Problem: Get really ill from drinking too much on the first night

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2 thoughts on “I’m not big enough to go to Uni

  1. linedandcrumpled says:

    Brilliant! exactly how I feel – my flat mate asked me if I could cook and I was like ‘does microwaving stuff count?’ apparently it doesn’t. Mum will obviously be on speed dial… x

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