Please put some clothes on

When I was 11 I was still wearing flared jeans, trainers, a t-shirt with a picture of a butterfly covered head to toe in glitter and a hoodie that probably didn’t go with anything I was wearing; but I was loving life. This, with my hair either in 10 bunches tied so tightly by my sister that I had a headache or completely ‘crimped’, was how I actually went out in public. By the time I was 12 I had also gained glasses and braces in the space of a week but luckily I had stopped crimping my hair.

When I look at girls that age now they just seem to be half-dressed all the time. I’m all for the freedom of personal expression but for the love of God put your vahoo away. When I’m in a queue I don’t want your bare arse cheeks that are hanging like the slush puppy dogs ears out of the bottom of your ‘shorts’ staring me in the face. It makes me feel like I’m being a super creep even though I’m really not.

I suppose that things haven’t actually changed, it’s just that now I’m older I can see that walking around looking like that is horrid. When we used to go out to ‘nappy’ nights I can remember girls turning up in corsets, stockings and suspenders and that was it. They didn’t get in, but that is not the point, they still walked around in a public place that way. WHY? Why would you do this?! For some attention from an older letch? Mm, brilliant.

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